Sarah didn’t get to work today because there was a man stabbed to death outside the gates of her youngest daughter’s school in the early hours of the morning. The whole area was cordoned off for most of the day while Police carried out investigations.

The school is about 800 yards from where we used to live and this is the second murder within 200 yards of the school in the past year.

The headteacher is insisting on opening the school tomorrow even though it was already planned as an early closure for the Easter holidays. I think this is a mistake as it could be quite distressing for some of the younger children when the see all the flowers that have been laid outside the school. Better, in my opinion, to have started the holidays early so that it wouldn’t be so obvious by the time the school returns after Easter.

The BBC report is here

’tis the season to be jolly

Oh God it’s official Christmas has started. The pent up tension, wound like a coiled spring has burst upon the streets of Chatham. Christmas decorations have appeared inside and outside the shopping centre and Santa’s grotto stands there awaiting the arrival of the Jolly one.

Not that anyone else is jolly, why do we put ourselves through this crap every year. Already the stress is starting to show. There was almost a fight in the Bakers Oven this afternoon but luckily it limited itself to verbal fisticuffs

F*ck off you sh*t c*nt” she screamed across the restaurant showing a remarkable command of the English language. She did come over to us later and apologise for using that sort of language in front of the kids and Sarah mumbled that it was all right but it wasn’t really. And this with 6 weeks still to go.

I wandered around mumbling, “I hate Christmas” every few minutes – next year I am going to hibernate.